Launching Operation: Organization

For those who’ve known me a while or following know that I tend to reject self-help kind of items. I’ve never read the Four-Hour Work Week; I screw my nose up at fad diets. Expensive, pretty planners get laughed at. I had it all together with my notebooks of scribbles and to-do lists and... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Things My Friends Want to Know

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve pulled this blog out of the closet, and brushed off the technological moth balls. It has a new name and a pretty new look. It’s also been a few years since the last post and a lot has happened/changed. So to celebrate and have some silly fun I decided mix... Continue Reading →

2013 Banned Book Reading Challenge

The gorgeous Carine gave me the banned book mug that prompted this reading challenge. Printed on the mug are the titles of 23 books which have been banned from libraries and schools. My challenge is to read all 23 books listed, except those I've read in the last three years. To see more banned and... Continue Reading →

The reason for my tears

I cried this week. A lot. A friend commented on my latest facebook status about my emotional week. It made me realize that my infrequent, personal facebook posts made it look like I was a depressed, blubbering mess for the week. That’s the furtherest thing from the truth. My tears were due to the brilliance... Continue Reading →

Occupy and the 99%

With all the arguments of right and wrong and effective or waste of time, I have three quotes to share. "So if you really look at where we're letting people down in terms of the American dream, I wouldn't say - you can take this as self-serving - I wouldn't say it's because of a... Continue Reading →

Care packages from Melbourne

Do unexpected gifts make you feel loved? They do for me. Last night I arrived home to a care package from Australia hidden in the front door. The gorgeous Ally sent me some things from Melbourne. I’m so excited to have a pack of tim tams, a new silicon reusable coffee mug and a tube... Continue Reading →

The Political Test of Time

‘He was that political figure all politicians fear: the moralist who cannot bear to let any wrong deed go undenounced. As a politician he had the fatal defect of the totally honest man: He insisted on the truth even when the truth was most inconvenient.’ Russell Baker is describing the highly renowned political writer, George... Continue Reading →

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