How We Can Help Refugees… Today

Yesterday I listened to this Ted Talk by David Miliband. David talks about how the crisis with the refugees is a test of character for all us. Previously we (society) have embraced, welcomed and sheltered refugees. This time we have the US President building walls, the Australian government towing refugees to open water or placing... Continue Reading →

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Working freelance (often from home) and doing so much busy makes it really easy to stay in my nice, warm, cuddly comfort zone. There’s always so much writing and reading and coffee drinking that could be done, why venture out? Well, it’s time to break that and discover new. I’m counting it as part of... Continue Reading →

An Art Walk Through Edmonds

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I had a miscommunication which left me in Edmonds alone for an hour. I was soooo devastated. What should I do? I grabbed my camera and went on an art walk. Edmonds is a beachfront village town just out of Seattle. It has some gorgeous restaurants and you... Continue Reading →

How to become a United States citizen

Apologies for the length of this post. It’s an eight-year long story. However, that’s short and simple compared to the same story from the refugees and people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. With all the rhetoric and allegations about the negative impacts of immigration, comes a lot of intentional misinformation. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Anyone Want a To Do List Pad?

Free to good home. One slightly used, but well-intentioned To Do list pad. OK, so that's probably a little too drama queen, but my amazing to do list has not served its purpose. That's unfair, it has served its purpose. I have failed. I thought that having a master to do list and transferring a... Continue Reading →

I probably should be terrified

Tonight I had one of those clichéd movie moments. I was pondering Facebook strategies for Tap Dancing Spiders and Mass Consternation while driving down the freeway, and a sense of content came over me. I even shuddered slightly and smiled. It felt like everything I've been working towards for years is coming together. I’m not... Continue Reading →

Recommended Books for a Young Girl

This is exciting, the first question via “Ask Me”. Let’s see what it is… What books would you recommend to a young girl? OK, that wasn’t what I was expecting. Remember that whole childless woman thing from a previous post? The lack of children definitely prohibits me from being an expert here. I’m also not... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Arthur Conan Doyle

Today we celebrate the birth of Arthur Conan Doyle. The man who prompted generations of forensic curiousity. Since finishing the Sherlock series, the stories have been recreated, continued and enjoyed my millions. I'm using his birthday as an excuse to share another gallery. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes exhibit was amazing geeky fun, and... Continue Reading →

Battling Blogger Envy

I admit it. One month in and I’ve already had blogger envy. It’s made a little worse because I’m working on influencer marketing with a client. That means time looking at amazing blogs and asking “why isn’t my blog like that?” and “what am I doing wrong?”. On a logical level, I can accept my... Continue Reading →

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