I like reading challenges. They push me out of my comfort zone, whether it’s to read more (lots of picture books on New Year’s Eve) or to read different. Usually I just do the GoodReads challenge and have a few rather dormant ones in the background. This year I’m getting ambitious and doing a few concurrent reading challenges. Join me?

December Update: I blitzed the GoodReads challenge with 111 books. While being smaller, the ThriftBooks challenge was harder. It’s being carried over to 2019. Oh, and I think everyone abandoned the British Books Challenge mid-year.

2018 Reading Challenges

GoodReads Challenge

This one’s simple, in form not volume. I’ve chosen to read 52 books in 52 weeks. Some years I struggle, last year was easy. As of December 29 I’m on 111 books.

British Books Challenge ’18

One British book a month. There may be more. It’s too easy for me to read just American books, this should break me out of that and I promise to not just re-read the Harry Potter series.

The ThriftBooks Reading Challenge

Opening with a disclaimer, I wrote this. ThriftBooks is my main client and a fun one to work with. This is probably the hardest challenge of the lot, but will stretch me the most.


Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash