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I am so sorry. I know I promised a special guest for Ask Me but the questions are too personal. By the way, I was expecting really personal questions when I announced this was anonymous. It hasn’t happened. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed.

A couple of amazing last-minute questions came in. Sorry, they’ll have to wait for next time.

Here are the earlier questions: rapid-fire style. I’m giving myself 30 seconds per question.

What new skill you want to pick up this year tops your list?

Umm, only one? This is really hard. Umm, eek, probably something to help me focus because then it gives me more time to learn all the other skills.

Foreign film recommendations?

The descriptor is unusual; foreign language films? Amelie? Umm, I was talking to Kathleen recently about Queen Margot. Delicatessen? I think Call Me By Your Name was made in English. I haven’t seen it, but it was first to mind. Foreign film in English? I re-watched Shooting Fish recently. It’s as nerdy amazing as when it was first released.

What is the first book you remember reading, and can you remember which book was your first ever favourite?

I don’t remember either my first book read or first favorite. Enid Blyton was my first favorite author. Enid created my dreams of boarding school, and trees with traveling worlds, and farm life.

In 140 characters or less:
Have you ever met someone in person who turned out to be totally different than their manner online?
Have you ever joined one of those penpal websites?
What are your thoughts on Casu marzu?

1. Yes. It’s a lot of people, especially with the self-created pressure to create online personas. Catch me when I’m over-tired or out of my comfort zone, and I’m a lot quieter than my stage mode. Stage mode is what I call my behavior when I’m running events.
2. No. I would be the terrible penpal who never gets around to replying. I considered making one matching people with ideologically different lives to help people understand each other. It’s one of my many low-priority ideas. Feel free to steal it.
3. Who? Or is it what? *quickly Googles* Ewwwww

Do you ever get the feeling all your digital interactions online will become the stuff of social history studies? Will biographers pay Google for access to people’s Gmail accounts in the future?

Mine personally? That would be dull. I won’t put real stuff through Gmail, so they would see lots of emails of Blue Apron offers trying to win me back, and Google Webmaster Tools alerts.

When did you last wash your hair? (Follow up question from last time…)

I should be concerned about your concern. I’m not sure. Four-five days? It’s getting close to needing to be washed. I’ll probably do it tomorrow.

Are you a bubble tea fan and/or can you get uber eats where you live?

I’ve never really liked bubble tea. I miss Uber Eats, and Amazon Restaurant, and all the other amazing food delivery places that I live too far from a big city to get.

Were there any teachers in high school or “college” who made a difference for you? Why/why not?

30 seconds per question: check out this post.

Do you have any advice for disenchanted (bratty?) uni students wondering if they’re ever going to get a job?

Probably not the best to answer this right now. Suck it up and take any job. You didn’t clarify the relevance of the job. I’m a great marketer and especially with social media because I worked call center customer service and retail early on.

What are your five hot tips for freelancers in such a competitive market?

Get a full-time job. I’m finishing my rotation with ThriftBooks and feeling a bit burnt out from freelancing. Plus, I want to follow through with projects and not just tell others what to do. Yeah, as with above, not the best time for me to answer this if you want rainbows. Freelancing isn’t unicorns and rainbows. It’s amazing but also stressful and really hard work.

Do you consider yourself a digital nomad and is it all as wonderful as it seems in infographics and aspirational web articles?

Kind of. I use the hashtag on Instagram, but remote worker/consultant/freelancer would be a better descriptor. I’m not that transient, and I don’t visit glamorous places. Do the tropical rainforests have decent wifi, anyway?

Darn, I missed a major scene in Rise (multi-tasking fail), but I kept the 30-ish seconds per question. (I did edit grammar and add links later.) I need to go find out where that jukebox came from.


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