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It’s May, and the rain is starting to stop here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve seen two deer so far. I even had to slow the car when one ran in front of me. No, no danger but it did remind me to be more cautious.

Thus, in celebration of sunshine, here’s a short and sweet Ask Me. And don’t forget, if you want to know anything, just Ask Me.

What are your thoughts on veganism? I feel like all my vegan friends are implicitly criticising me on a daily basis for not following in their footsteps.

Veganism as a dietary choice or veganism as a religion? I suspect your friends are the latter. History shows fear and hatred doesn’t change behavior, much less beliefs. I know they don’t feel they are acting that way, but I have seen few behavioral differences between forcefully passionate vegans, fundamental Christians, and Harry/Hermione shippers.

Have you ever come across any PokéStops on Pokémon Go that seemed a little inappropriate? For example, I remember seeing one a few years ago that used the location of a notorious strip club. (I was just passing by of course lol >.>)

Miss 6 catching Pokémon last summer.

I won’t judge anyone visiting a strip club. I just hope you tip the dancers well.

Some PokéStop choices make me laugh. Churches as battle gyms are particularly amusing. I have a story on that, but it’s you who is anonymous not me. I’ve seen a weed store PokéStop (remember, it’s legal here), but it was a drive-through coffee shop when it was made a stop. I’m sure the guy living in a trailer/caravan located in a rundown church parking lot would prefer not to be a PokéStop. He has cordoned off the entrances, but I’m not sure his residence is legal, so meh. Plus, I got it for the new PokéStop research challenge before he blocked it off.

What’s better, American chocolate or Australian chocolate? Can you still buy Tim Tams??

Should we define chocolate? Hershey’s confectionary is NOT chocolate. Cadbury’s is, but only just. And not the US recipé that’s made by Hershey’s.

There are good chocolatiers in both countries, but I go to Canada for supermarket chocolate bars. My mum also sends me Violet Crumbles and Peppermints Crisps that I ration.

For TimTams, some are available here. The milk chocolate standard ones are too sweet, but the dark choc is yummy. They claim to have released choc mint here, but I’ve never seen it. Darn.

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