A Sunset Picnic at Lighthouse Park

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On Tuesday my friend, Carine, had a perfect idea: let’s have a picnic at Lighthouse Park. We packed sandwiches and summer fruits. I grabbed my camera bag and we went to West Vancouver.

I hadn’t been there before and Carine wanted me to see two places. The lookout over the lighthouse, and a rocky outlook for the picnic. The bright red lighthouse makes a dramatic flash against the blue sky and water.

We ate the picnic watching the sun set and listening to the tide crash on the cliffs (I do love that sound). The small cliffs were gold when we arrived and turned blue as the light faded.

MC-Lighthouse-Park-Hike-Map1Hiking at Lighthouse Park

The hike wasn’t overly difficult. It was challenging at times and I’m glad we chose sturdy shoes. There’s a little bit of rock scrambling and the path is sometimes more accidental than made.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record the distance to the picnic spot. Back was a mainly uphill 725 meters (0.45 miles). There are a lot of different walks possible. Here’s the map from 109 Walks in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

Enjoy the photos. I mixed DSLR and iPhone for the night.

What are other gorgeous evening hikes? Have you been to Lighthouse Park?

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