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A lot of books and stories, a little bit of life, with touches of geek and nerd, and then it’s all me.

It is about navigating life, reading lots of books, sharing lots of stories, being curious, and also a nerdy geek. Mass Consternation is about me, and probably about you too.

For the boring background stuff, I live in the Pacific Northwest on the US side of the border. I work in freelance content marketing with my current main project writing for ThriftBooks. I also run Tap Dancing Spiders for everything marketing. I don’t like Disney, but I love Moana. And today I wore my t-shirt back-to-front and only noticed when I realized Voldemort was on the front, not the back. Oops. I can’t cook, and eat out so much that Yelp invited me to their Yelp Elite Squad.

Join the mass consternation of life. To get the posts first, subscribe with email or let’s chat on social media. Facebook or Instagram, your choice. And if you’re a brand wanting to partner, check out my media kit. Check out My Favorite Things, you may like the products and it helps support the site. If anyone wants to ask me absolutely anything, you can do so here. Seriously, I’ll answer anything.

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  1. What’s the best and the worst thing for you about living in the States? If you could live anywhere else, where would that be and why?

  2. Wow, that’s deep. It also is similar to an Ask Me question in the queue, so I think i’ll add my answer to that one. Then I can give it the space it deserves.

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