Who is Bianca and what is Mass Consternation? A lot of books and stories, a little bit of life, with touches of geek and nerd, and then it’s all me.

It is about navigating life, reading lots of books, sharing lots of stories, being curious, and also a nerdy geek. Mass Consternation is about me, and probably about you too.

So that’s mainly about Mass Consternation. For a bit about me, I’m a nerdy, curious, book worm who sips cold-brew coffee while reading books, and taking photos and bike riding and running around Melbourne, Australia. I lived most of the last decade and a bit in Seattle, Washington, which is where I discovered cold-brew coffee.

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Need a Digital Content Writer?

Life is rather busy, but I still occasionally have space for new freelance clients. If you’re looking for someone to write blog posts or website copy, head over to my freelance business site for more of my work and let’s talk.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sheena

    What’s the best and the worst thing for you about living in the States? If you could live anywhere else, where would that be and why?


  2. Bianca

    Wow, that’s deep. It also is similar to an Ask Me question in the queue, so I think i’ll add my answer to that one. Then I can give it the space it deserves.


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