Anyone Want a To Do List Pad?

Free to good home. One slightly used, but well-intentioned To Do list pad.

OK, so that’s probably a little too drama queen, but my amazing to do list has not served its purpose. That’s unfair, it has served its purpose. I have failed.

I thought that having a master to do list and transferring a few tasks to my Panda Planner each day would help keep me on track. Instead of being overwhelmed by a massive list, have a short, achievable one. Yeah, right.

It was done with the best of intentions. I have been ignoring both lists; being very productive getting things done. Just not the things on the daily list, and sometimes not on the master to do list. Operation: Organization has also hit another month, so regular tasks are being forgotten or it’s just a lot of work to maintain.

Going Digital

Tonight I set up Todoist. It’s an online to do list service with app integration. It can do more than my to do list pad, with recurring tasks, project grouping, and once I buy the premium version, reminders. I can also run it on all my devices, so it’s as in-my-face as the physical notepad. I suspect I’ll still keep the notepad going for a bit.

It’s not perfect. The project groups stop me from seeing all the tasks at once. I’m not sure I like that. Hopefully, the reminders will stop me missing things.


An Update on Operation: Organization

Otherwise, I think it’s all working. I’m learning to say no to new projects, and I’m being more mindful. However using the Panda Planner may have created a monster. Etsy has so many pretty planners.

Any tips for what I should try next?

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