Art of the Brick – Exhibition using Lego

While searching for a header image last night I found my photos from the Art of the Brick Lego exhibition.

It was amazing and so much fun. Fun for an adult; I saw plenty of bored children. It makes sense though, it is an art show. The medium just happens to be lots and lots of Lego® bricks. The exhibition, by Nathan Sawaya, changes slightly in each venue and I don’t know how many bricks make up the whole exhibit. The Seattle Times bragged some works use around 75,000 bricks, but for things like the dinosaur it seems a tad low.

The dress was easily my favorite. It was beautiful and flowing (yes, these are plastic bricks); designed for the In Pieces art show for which a woman actually wore the dress. I’m envious, as uncomfortable as it looks. There was also a display of a rainbow salmon swimming against the flow, that was designed just for Seattle and stayed with the Pacific Science Center. I’m fairly sure that was the new piece.

Have a look through the gallery; let me know your favorite. And if you get a chance to see the Art of the Brick, I highly recommend it.

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