Ask Me: Brain Sleeping Magical Giraffes

If you lived in the wizarding world (as a witch), what subjects would you like to study and what job do you think you would have?

This question would make an amazing writing prompt. I know who submitted this question; they texted to let me know.

On to the answer. Actually, the person who submitted was also there when I was recently asked the Muggle version of this question. The expected answer was philosophy and literature. My answer was consumer finance. Oops, Ravenclaw.

My Hogwarts curriculum answer would be arithmancy with a complaint that either Hogwarts needs a wider subject offering or we only know of the few the trio took. But we know the wizarding world is rather academically limited. No formal education before the age of 11, and no tertiary education. Sorry, my Ravenclaw is showing again.

The second part of the question asked my wizarding career. Can I introduce a consumer finance education department to Gringotts? Maybe the Weasley’s poverty was from lack of knowledge not Arthur’s lack of management ambition?

The next batch has all come from one person. I’ve edited for grammar and punctuation. And I censored the swearing. Nice try to get cursing on this site, Nelle.

You once introduced me to or I introduced you- or we found it together while complaining about calls. I don’t remember. The point is what’s the best website you currently go to for time wasting and brain sleeping?

Oh, that was a me discovery. And we were complaining about customers, but after we both left call centers. It was frustrations with recent clients.

I do love the term “brain sleeping”. I think I need to adopt it. Alas, I’ve banned myself from those sites. I may need the switch off time but I don’t need the stress from inefficient time usage. (Wow, I’m going formal today). I do have at least one trash book in my currently reading. I call it trash but they are often amazing fiction reads. They are trash to me because they are a frivolous time-waster. I admit I also play Two Dots. It’s a simplistic arcade-style iPad game. The best thing is that you’re limited to five lives, so game play generally lasts 10 minutes.

I’ve added an affiliate link to the next question. The FTC says I need to tell you before I post it.

I’m a little bit disgusted that you’re reading Big Magic – what do you think of it?

This is where I admit my currently reading list includes my next to read list. Big Magic is on the next to read. I’m not counting it as trash, so it keeps getting pushed down the list as publishers ask me to review books. Also, before you judge too harshly, check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on curiosity being more important than passion.

I know a 4-year-old who would like to know what sound a giraffe makes – help me give him a satisfying answer.

Sorry, but this is all that comes to mind:

The vlogbrothers backstory on giraffe love is here. It’s another video.

There were a few more questions but they’ll be in a new post. So many words…

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