Ask Me: Where is Home?

I wrote this post before the last one about moving house, and my Letter to the Senate about healthcare. All I can say is that citizenship and domicile are difficult and confusing.

July is a month of national celebrations Canada Day on the first. Independence Day for the United States on the fourth. Bastille Day (France) on the 14th. And there are more. It feels perfect to answer these Ask Me questions now. Plus, these questions kind of match.

If someone was to offer you the equivalent of stepping on the Tardis with no knowing what would happen, would you? And do you see your green card as such a situation?

I like the follow-up question to try and make this legitimate. Wait, “equivalent of stepping on the TARDIS?” I’m stepping on the actual TARDIS. I suppose accepting a Green Card and leaving Australia was the same.

Now I need to decide which way to go with this. Meh, let’s take the next question.

What’s the best and the worst thing for you about living in the States? If you could live anywhere else, where would that be and why?

I kind of get the feeling the question wants me to bash the United States. I can’t. I’m not sure any of the best or worst things are actually linked to it being the United States. The best things are definitely people. Then, it’s easy to turn the bad things into good. High fructose corn sugar in most of the junk food? I eat healthier to avoid it. Ignorant people? Build a bubble and hide (actually the ignorant people are in all countries). Stupidly expensive healthcare? Be thankful I pay significantly less in taxes. OK, so I probably should worry about that one more, but I don’t. It’s my choice to live in the United States.

Which leads to where is my dream place to live? I don’t have one. Countries really aren’t all that different. There are good and bad things in everything. And the internet decreases the miles.

Where is Home?

Everywhere. Nowhere. Can I get back to you on this? I don’t have home. Before you get sad, it’s perfect for me. Sometimes I think things could be easier if I had a sense of patriotism or loyalty, but I’m just not Hufflepuff enough. I’ve tried the settling thing. It never seems to go well. Plus, we’re all more than where we live or were born.

I like this video for the way it says that local and now is more important than where you’re from. I definitely agree.

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