Battling Blogger Envy

I admit it. One month in and I’ve already had blogger envy. It’s made a little worse because I’m working on influencer marketing with a client. That means time looking at amazing blogs and asking “why isn’t my blog like that?” and “what am I doing wrong?”.

On a logical level, I can accept my blog will never be like theirs. Not because of a lack of children and fashion (which is correct), but because I’m not them and they aren’t me. We have different lives and different circumstances. They choose to spend an afternoon baking cookies for a photo shoot. I cook and the fire brigade stops by. Oh, shush, it wasn’t a fire… either time.

A favorite friend then sent this request:

Our generation needs a not the mamma blogger who does the real talk about being a successful woman withOUT a family. That swears and talks about things that are interesting to ALL childless women.

I retorted that woman and childless were the only things I matched in that. After all the fire brigade had just left and I wasn’t feeling as put together as the other bloggers.

Not photo-ready primped.

So I need to remind myself that I’m not those bloggers. I’m me. I run two (sometimes three) side businesses while taking full-time jobs. I’ve lived in two countries and have some amazing friends, many of whom are juggling as many projects as I am, successfully. And I don’t enjoy cooking, which is a reason why I’m not good at it. And that’s OK.

No, I’m not a fashion/family/whatever blogger. I’m me. My posts may not be as through, or as regular. But they are me and that’s all that matters.

Oh, and sorry, Nelle. You’re not getting the swearing.

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