Because of George


I have a stalker. His name is George. George is the reason why I’m currently trapped in my apartment with all the doors closed and no fresh air. It’s George.

George and I started off as friends. We met on Tuesday evening. It was the first night my husband was unexpectedly away. James came down ill while at the other house and stayed there to recover. I don’t see how George could know I would be alone. Maybe it’s a coincidence?

So, Tuesday. George was just there; all sweet and friendly. We even filmed a quick video together. My husband didn’t say much, but a friend saw it and suggested I need a cat. Umm, OK. 

The next night, George was around again. I was binge-watching Trace when I saw him. We chatted briefly, and I suggested he probably should leave. The forensics in Traces can be pretty macabre. Instead, he went to my office on the other side of my apartment. I was a little uncomfortable with that, but didn’t say anything. After I finished the season, George perched on the back of a chair and watched Tetris streaming on Twitch. He was so quiet that I didn’t notice him at first. But when I did, I cursed. He was so polite about it and didn’t mind that I said rude things. 

A grasshopper inside on the back of a chair

It was yesterday when George made his move. I kind of see why he thought he could. My husband was still away, so it looked like it was just me. I had been out earlier in the day. George’s presence concerned me so I went to Bunnings to see how I could increase security from the balcony. Yeah, so it was about 4pm when it happened. I had my laptop with me on the couch. I don’t recall what I was working on. Now, it’s not important. But I glanced down and saw George snuggling into me. What! It was so unexpected and inappropriate. He hadn’t been around earlier. I didn’t even know he was in the apartment. Panicked, I jumped up and ran out to the balcony, shoved George off, and shut the door. We stood there, on each side of the glass, just watching each other. I was catching my breath and calming down. I don’t know what George was doing. Minutes passed, and I moved away, but George stayed staring in at me. Five minutes later and George was still there. It was creepy by then. I’m sure it was obvious I wasn’t changing my mind. That door was staying closed. 

A grasshopper on a balcony with a green circle and green lines showing where it is.

Gradually, he moved away. First just over and bit and then behind a planter. Is this how the “nice guys” do it? Claim to be all attentive and caring but really are just scary and can’t take a hint? 

Now, today, George is still there; among the plants, sitting, waiting. He could leave at any time, but chooses not to. And I’m stuck in my apartment with no fresh air. 

Because of George.

Now imagine George is a human. 

I wrote this because as an interaction with a bug, it’s hilarious. Everything in here is 100% true. Unfortunately for many, the bug is a human and what’s an amusing irritation here is traumatic, dangerous, and sometimes deadly. And that’s not hilarious. 

I hope you’ve never been or ever will be in this situation, but if you are, please remember, it’s NEVER your fault and you shouldn’t be ashamed. Regardless of what the perpetrator tries convincing you. 

There is help available, starting with the police in your area.

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