Book Review: the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini

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Book Review: the Inheritance Series by Christopher PaoliniInheritance Series: Inheritance Cycle #4
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers on October 23rd 2012
ISBN: 9780552560252
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 880
Format: ebook
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I usually write reviews on business books and they are usually at However, the last book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series has just been released.

Put your hand up if you loved Eragon and Eldest. *madly waves both hands in the air*

Hands up if you loved Brisingr. No one? I thought so. Mentions of each time Eragon stops to pee; chapters from Saphira’s perspective where the wise dragon sounds like a spoilt two-year old; and following Roran’s day-to-day were all unnecessary distractions that lead to me literally throwing the book across the room. I tore page 80. Really, I did.

I took the chance with the final book. Hey, it’s taken 12 years to be published, it must be properly edited.

Or so I thought…

Inheritance has the same writing style as Brisingr. We have lots of Roran’s adventures, Saphira’s true thoughts haven’t matured and we still hear about Eragon only stopping to ‘eat, drink and relieve himself’. Thankfully Lady Nasauda was afforded some privacy – and even a bathroom.

With a different editor, the Inheritance series would be as powerful and brilliant as the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games and the Tomorrow series. The characters are all strong and well developed. The plot is thrilling and keeps you turning all 3,000-plus pages. Definitely needed when I just read all four books over 12 days.

The absolute best parts? The creative way that Eragon defeated Galbatorix (that’s not a spoiler, we all knew the hero would succeed), and the romance.

Twilight fans will disagree, but Christopher added just the right amount for a fantasy adventure story. I also love that, apart from the dragons, the affection between each couple was respectful; not a teenage crush. I know that Christopher will be criticized for the characters’ decisions, but anything else would have weakened each character’s personality.

As for the Eragon and Galbatorix final battle? I can’t say anything more without giving away too much.

Go read Inheritance for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Then keep an eye out for Christopher Paolini’s next book.

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