Congratulations on your new book.

This book review policy is designed to help us both be efficient. I’m a full-time marketer and part-time book blogger. You’re an author, a publisher, or a publicist, and have other things to do.

Current reading schedule status

I’m currently not accepting any books for review. I’m sorry, but grad school is taking priority, then my to read pile. It’s a big pile.


Below is a list of genres I’m interested in. I do occasionally venture outside these, but I’m unlikely to accept reviews in those genres. Like, romance. I occasionally read romance, but I found I am incredibly critical of romance novels.

The book can be independently published, but please have it professionally edited.

I don’t have a preference between print and ebook. Print gets pretty photos though. If accepted, I’ll send you the post office box or email address to send the book to.

I try to post on the release date. Let me know if you prefer a different day.

And naturally, all reviews will be promoted with tagged social media posts to my audience of 4,000+ global readers.

Preferred book genres

  • Young Adult
  • Biographies and Memoirs
  • Comics and Graphic Novels
  • General Fiction (Adult)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Multicultural Interest
  • Mystery and Thrillers
  • New Adult
  • Nonfiction (Adult)
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • True Crime