Can we have Adorabelle high tea every day?

Pretty please?

That was Miss Six’s request last week for high tea at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston. She even offered to pay me to drive her there after school each day. Yeah, I’m not sure how that was going to work, either.

I think I’ll let the photos tell the story of our three tiers of delectable treats.

The cakes and sandwiches are delicious but the tea room is also fun. Miss Six wants a blue sky ceiling in her bedroom.

A big thanks to the team at Adorabelle who made Miss Six feel very welcome AND let her choose a candy bag as a birthday gift.

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2 thoughts on “Can we have Adorabelle high tea every day?

  1. Bianca

    It was a lot of fun, G. Which is your favorite tea house?


  2. G

    Going for high tea is one of my all time favorite activities – looks like you had fun!!


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