A care package from Melbourne

Do unexpected gifts make you feel loved?

They do for me.

Last night I arrived home to a care package from Australia hidden in the front door. The gorgeous Ally sent me some things from Melbourne. I’m so excited to have a pack of tim tams, a new silicon reusable coffee mug and a tube of the best lip balm ever – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. She also threw in a photo booth strip of her and Rhi, a greeting card and a Metcard. Just in case I was missing Melbourne’s public transport system. I had forgotten how expensive travel in Melbourne is – ouch.

Thank you so much, Ally. Yes, I cried.

If anyone in Melbourne wants one of the cups or a gorgeous card, visit Ally at Black Bird & Fox in Hawthorn. I can’t wait to go shopping there when I’m in Melbourne next.

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Photo: Arnott’s

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Bianca Smith is currently melting her way through her first Australian summer in a rather long time. She hides out in air conditioned libraries reading the novels she stalled on while studying an Executive MBA during the year. When she's not reading (or making websites), she's seeing how far she can run and catching up with her friends in her adopted Seattle.

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