A care package from Melbourne

Do unexpected gifts make you feel loved?

They do for me.

Last night I arrived home to a care package from Australia hidden in the front door. The gorgeous Ally sent me some things from Melbourne. I’m so excited to have a pack of tim tams, a new silicon reusable coffee mug and a tube of the best lip balm ever – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. She also threw in a photo booth strip of her and Rhi, a greeting card and a Metcard. Just in case I was missing Melbourne’s public transport system. I had forgotten how expensive travel in Melbourne is – ouch.

Thank you so much, Ally. Yes, I cried.

If anyone in Melbourne wants one of the cups or a gorgeous card, visit Ally at Black Bird & Fox in Hawthorn. I can’t wait to go shopping there when I’m in Melbourne next.

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Photo: Arnott’s

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Bianca Smith lives in the cold and occasionally snowy Pacific Northwest - and she loves it. She's adventuring life in her adopted country and blogging along the way. Currently, she's in Melbourne, Australia working with a microfinance nonprofit and studying for an Executive MBA degree.

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