Decorating Cupcakes is Hard and Fun

It’s been too long since I did a Do Different activity. So long that it was only just now, writing this, I realized that I did a Do Different activity last night. I know I pledged monthly activities, but, well, life. Fortunately, Yelp came to the rescue with a cupcake decorating events. Not that I realized at the time, oops.

So, cupcakes. We went to Sweet Bellingham, in the Fairhaven neighborhood. It’s a cute little store owned by a cake decorating extraordinaire named Nancy. This woman is seriously talented. OK, well, she’s more practiced with cake decorating than I have the patience to do, so that makes her talented in my book. She’s also brave for taking on 20 or so Yelpers by herself.

I wasn’t sure how messy or successful I’d be making pretty cupcakes. I took my DSLR, pretty much expecting it to be covered with frosting by the end. Even with the cute aprons Nancy and Jen from Yelp made for us.

At the end my camera was clean. And my cupcakes bore little resemblance to Nancy’s gorgeous demonstration ones. She made it look so easy.

We decorated two cupcakes each. One has a purple daisy design. The other is a sunflower.

And then here are mine. It’s a more artistic take and different flowers. Not my intention, but, I’m not as practiced as Nancy. Or some of the other Yelpers. There were some seriously impressive cupcakes. Not that I really cared. I ate the purple wild daisy tonight. It was delicious, and decorating cupcakes was a lot of fun with some great people.

Thanks to Yelp, Jen (the Yelp Community Manager for Bellingham) and Nancy from Sweet Bellingham. I don’t know if I have to do an FTC disclosure for this free event. It was open to all people using Yelp, but Yelp Elite members and those more active on the site got priority access to the guest list. I fit both criteria.

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