Discovering Melbourne’s Gingerbread Village

The last year has been a continual comparison of Melbourne and Seattle. Some of it was me coming back to Melbourne after nine years, most of it is people asking me which is better—and wanting me to say their favorite is better then getting upset when I couldn’t honestly agree with them. The cities are so different and both amazing in different ways. However, while Seattle is prettier at Christmas (being pitch dark at 4pm helps a LOT). Melbourne has just won my vote for the best gingerbread village. Not that there was an award or that it was a competition until I started writing this post.

This year I literally stumbled upon Melbourne’s gingerbread village. I’m glad I did. My experience with gingerbread villages now numbers two, and both had entry by donation, so I’m assuming that’s typical. The Melbourne gingerbread village has a suggested donation to the Royal Children’s Hospital, even via tap to pay.

Melbourne’s Gingerbread Village

Melbourne’s gingerbread village is literally Melbourne—in gingerbread. It’s a series of Melbourne landmarks, starting with the MCG during this year’s AFL grand final. I loved the little details, like the food stalls and people. Most of it’s accurate, like the design brand stores on Collins St and dumplings and coffee, but then there are a few “replacements”, like switching the St Kilda penguins for a mermaid. If anyone can confirm I’m wrong and there really is a St Kilda mermaid, let me know because I need to head over there now. It’s not geographically accurate, which is probably for the best. It’s a little commercial. We wondered how much Channel 7 paid for the billboard space on the Young and Jackson’s pub. I didn’t realize there’s a Disney/Marvel promotion at Luna Park until I noticed all the characters.

Enjoy out the photos below and let me know your favorite.

Gingerbread Village by EPICURE
Level 1
St Collins Lane
260 Collins Street
Closing Date:
December 24
Opening Times:
9am – 8:15pm daily
Time Required:
30-60 minutes. It was about a 10 minute wait around lunchtime on a Tuesday.
Suggested $2 donation to the Royal Children’s Hospital via cash or card



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2 thoughts on “Discovering Melbourne’s Gingerbread Village

  1. Courtney

    We missed it this year as the line on the day we went was massive but it is one of our favourite spots for our Christmas city adventure,


    1. Bianca

      I admit if it was busy there’s no way we would have gone.

      How long has it been running for? We stumbled upon it and I had never heard of it previously.


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