Nerdy me likes fitness but detests sport. I just can’t see the point in only having one winner. Fitness means healthiness and that means everyone wins. That said, I am competitive against myself. I use fitness challenges to entice myself to do better. Yep, nerd.

Current Challenges

The Conqueror Challenges

The Conqueror Challenges are distance challenges traversing significant points in the world, the Berlin Wall, Mount Fuji, Niagara Falls, Mordor. Yep, even the Lord of the Rings gets a challenge. You set your time, travel the distance and earn a medal at the end.

The Pacific Crest Trail Virtual Challenge

  • 4,000km
  • Starting on the Mexican border and heading north to Canada
  • 18 months
  • Started March 8, 2021

4,000km challenge


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