Getting Out of My Comfort Zone


Working freelance (often from home) and doing so much busy makes it really easy to stay in my nice, warm, cuddly comfort zone. There’s always so much writing and reading and coffee drinking that could be done, why venture out? Well, it’s time to break that and discover new.

I’m counting it as part of Operation: Organization even though it has nothing to really do with organization (but cute names package things well). Each month I have to venture out with at least one new thing and get out of my comfort zone. New to me. I have a few rules. It can’t be a normal thing (dinners are out unless it’s a cooking class), it must be learning or making something, and really should be with people. The rules are still being developed and there’ll probably an extra one forcing me to be IN at least one photo from the activity.

How Am I Getting Out of My Comfort Zone?



Oh, shush. This started in May and I told a few people but didn’t actually do an activity. My friend, Eileen, wants me to count our dinner and photo walk in Edmonds, but that’s my normal. Last night was also a mindfulness and meditation event and Eileen and I spent it in a bar with another friend, Claudia, drinking sangria. Oops.

Fortunately, another friend, Danielle, came to the rescue. Last weekend she had a spare ticket to see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, so off we went.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

I know essentially nothing about symphony orchestras. I played classical guitar in high school but spent more time turning Beethoven into Hendrix. Thus, I walked into the hall essentially blind. Or is it a theater? You get my point. Blind.

It was amazing.

The concert started with the world premier of a local opera. Canada turns 150 this year and the opera was composed to celebrate this. It took a respectful angle though and told stories of the indigenous people and residential schools. It’s a sad story and not that unique to Canada, unfortunately. The composer, Bramwell Tovey – also the conductor – took words from letters and Prime Ministers’ quotes and put them to music. I like that he said he didn’t want to insult the people by using indigenous music styles, but it was performed by Marion Newman, who grew up on a reservation on Vancouver Island.

MC-Comfort-Zone-Bianca-Smith-2Then there was a violin concerto and Mahler’s Symphony No. 1. I loved sitting back and just experiencing the music. Until I noticed the percussionists at the back of the stage. They were a little distracting, and accidentally entertaining. I really want to meet the cymbals guy. Can you imagine it? Oh, what do you do? I perform with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. What do you play? Cymbals. OK, so maybe I just find that funnier than I should.

Thank you to Danielle for the invitation and helping with photos. And a thank you to Jon for suggesting we go up all three levels in the theater – it’s a beautiful building.

What should I do next? Want to join me?

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Bianca's a nerdy, book worm who is constantly curious and appreciates being alive while the internet exists. During the day, she's a content writer for a huge multinational tech company. The rest of the time she's reading, and running, and bike riding, and sipping coffee, and taking photos around Melbourne, Australia.

2 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Ben

    My fav post so far this year! 😀
    Kudos for the getting out of comfort zone initiative and for accidentally involving classical music ^~^
    And hey, no laughing at the percussionists! They have to stay alert and ready to make loud percussive noises in exactly the right places ^^


    1. Bianca

      I was equally impressed as amused by the percussionists. Because I know I’d miss the critical moment. I suspect the trumpet players did. They snuck in late. Last drink at the bar?


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