Goodbye, Seattle. It’s been swell.

After I hit publish on this post, I’m jumping in my car and leaving Seattle. It’s also pretty much the anniversary of me moving to Seattle.

Seven years ago I stepped on a train in San Francisco with two suitcases and a huge backpack. After a weekend in Vancouver I was ready for a Seattle adventure, and an adventure I had.

However, it’s time to move on. I don’t think any of my moves will be permanent. I shot the image above several years ago, knowing this day would come.

What I’m saying “Goodbye, Seattle” to

While I won’t miss being stuck in traffic or the liberal intolerance in Seattle, there are things I’ve discovered and love in Seattle.

  • Snow Days – I never actually declared a snow day, but the novelty of walking through a snow-covered street never wears off.
  • 32ºf/0ºc isn’t cold without the wind
  • Snow-capped mountains.
  • Dark green forests
  • Thai restaurants. Everywhere and so yummy.
  • Companies and innovations from my textbooks happening around me. I studied the launch of Amazon as a business case at Monash University.
  • Geekiness is every day. The line between normal clothes and cosplay barely exists.
  • Nerdiness – so many independent bookstores
  • The Seattle Freeze – perfect for an introvert like me
  • Green Lake – I love seeing everyone with varying fitness levels walking/running/skating the lake together

What’s Next?

I’m on my way to Vancouver, completing a JK Rowling-style circular reference. I started my time in Seattle with a weekend in Vancouver, so I’m finishing it with a trip there. From there I’ll plan my next home in Bellingham. I was eight years-old the last time I lived in a city this small. Edit: Bellingham is bigger than Benalla but much smaller than Geelong. It’ll be an adjustment but a fun adventure.

Thank you to everyone from Seattle. I’ve made some amazing friends. I’ll miss you.

It's sad saying goodbye to a city, but it's the right thing to do. Farewell Seattle.

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Bianca Smith lives in the cold and occasionally snowy Pacific Northwest - and she loves it. She's adventuring life in her adopted country and blogging along the way.

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