Gotta Get Back to Melbourne

Gotta get back to Melbourne
I gotta get back to school
I gotta get back to Melbourne
Where everybody thinks I’m cool
Back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts
To heatstroke and storms and to magical feasts

Yes, it’s true. I’m joining the Executive MBA cohort at Swinburne University’s Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship in March. That means up to two years in Australia, Melbourne to be precise. I’m getting a lot of “it’s about time you came home”. Sorry, I still don’t have home , but I am looking forward to seeing my favorite people in Australia, and eating laksa, and drinking more consistently delicious coffee. I’m kind of also looking forward to thunderstorms, but not the hot, hot sun, and spiders.

This plan has been a possibility for a month or so now, so I’ve been mentally saying goodbye to places. I don’t know where I’ll be in two years time. I may return to Seattle, or I may go elsewhere. It’ll be good to have two years of stability, even though it will be chaotic with school full-time, close to full-time work, Mass Consternation, and Tap Dancing Spiders, and trying to fit in some fun.

In preparation, there are things I need to know. It’s about five years since I was last in Australia, and it will be nine years since I moved away. Melbourne has changed. I have changed. So, there are things I need to find out before arriving.

Things I need to find for Melbourne

  • Fake-poke-back-to-melbourne-mass-consternation-1
    Photo: Chris Underwood.

    West Coast quality sushi. It’s seriously that amazing.

  • Poké – real poké not a rice bowl labelled as poké (bad, Woolworths). It’s the greatest American food ever created.
  • A favorite bookstore. Dymocks? Readings? Anything new?
  • The new amazing coffee places
  • The city of all-day breakfasts – which café is now best?
  • Which phone company has the best data plan? This is possibly the most important question.
  • Which bank should I set my accounts up with?
  • What’s the current workplace dress code. Please say jeans and a t-shirt are OK. Pretty please!
  • Who should I work for? Who is fun and hiring a marketer in February?
  • Is the internet at a decent speed yet? And with unlimited data.
  • How much cute stationery do I need for a double Masters degree?
  • Should I set up a new blog for my student life, or incorporate it in here?

These are important questions. Some, like the coffee, are more important than others.

PS, I intentionally left some of the Hogwarts lyrics. Magical beasts rhymes better than freaking huge hairy spiders. We also ran around Melbourne in robes enough to count as witches and wizards.

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Bianca's a nerdy, book worm who is constantly curious and appreciates being alive while the internet exists. During the day, she's a content writer for a huge multinational tech company. The rest of the time she's reading, and running, and bike riding, and sipping coffee, and taking photos around Melbourne, Australia.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Get Back to Melbourne

  1. Bean

    I vote Commonwealth for banking – love their CommBank app!

    I wear jeans and a polo shirt to work most days, but I guess it depends where you work? ?

    Will leave the rest for the people who actually live in Melbourne atm :p


    1. Bianca

      Thanks, Bean. Jeans is encouraging. I may have to stock up on betabrand clothes before I leave Seattle. They look more formal than they feel.

      I’m fascinated in your recommendation being purely for the app. Not their fees structure, just the app.


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