I knew how this would end. I would live.

I knew how this would play out. In the final shoot out I’d live, but in the celebration we’d notice one of our team members dead. It would be bitter-sweet.

We could back-track to the start but I’m not sure where the start is. I just know that there are multiple snipers after me. I can’t go anywhere without being attacked. I have a security team with me at all times. I’m fairly good with a rifle, but these people are amazing. They can hit a moving target from 300 meters. I need them right now even though I know one of them will die. Die to save me.

Currently, we’re in an abandoned building on the third floor. The walls are decayed and while we can’t see the snipers, they can see us. Shots are coming from three sides. Someone really wants me dead. I count the people as we scramble further into the building, away from the broken walls. Five. All here. All alive. It could be here where it ends. I know how it ends, but not when or where.

The Train Station

MS-would-live-1There are two trains at the platform, both going north. The signs are broken and I can’t see where they’re heading. I don’t risk it. My team is gone, but I know we’ll meet again. We’re together in the end, so this can’t be the end.

There’s a single train on the other platform. The platform looks familiar but I’m sure I’ve never been to this station before. I’m not even sure where I am. The platform is a single concrete block. No visible stairs. No building, just a block a little away from the others. The train’s going to Castlemaine. I can hideout there.


We’re cooking dinner. It’s something with finely chopped mushrooms. My mind thinks minced but they’re definitely chopped. Chopped to look like minced meat. Ally took me in without question. We were far enough away to be safe.

The next morning I knew I it was too risky to stay. Plus, I had to end this. Telling Ally was hard. She picked up a wig from an upturned bowl and asked me what I thought. It was short and cute. Perfect for her. I told her I was leaving.

The Dream

This was all a random and intricate dream I had during the week. Ally is real and does live in Castlemaine. Alas, I woke up before the end, so if you want, please finish the dream in the comments. I’m curious to see what happens next.

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More about Bianca

Bianca's a nerdy, book worm who is constantly curious and appreciates being alive while the internet exists. During the day, she's a content writer for a tech company. The rest of the time she's reading, and running, and bike riding, and sipping coffee, and taking photos around Melbourne, Australia.

3 thoughts on “I knew how this would end. I would live.

  1. Ben

    Yaaay, creative writing! 🙂 More please B!

    The story made me hungry and nostalgic at the same time haha.

    Here’s a little addition I thought up on the way home:

    PART 2: A meeting with death

    It was silent in the Docklands, barely dawn. Nothing had happened in the time since I left Castlemaine, but I was alert, ready for anything.

    Well, that wasn’t quite true. Halfway back to Melbourne a woman dropped a business card into my hand before she left the train. It was her name and number scribbled on the back of a generic O’Brien AutoGlass card. I couldn’t quite tell whether she was trying to make a joke about the slight crack that had appeared in the left lense of my glasses, or whether this was some kind of clue.

    Anyway, whoever Krystle Ice was she had appalling handwriting. Or was the number smudged on purpose because it wasn’t important? O’Brien.. Ice… That had to be the O’Brien Ice Rink.

    I decided to go early the next morning, before the public session.

    The building was well lit, and the doors open. I hesitated a moment at the entrance, noticing a single skater spinning at a dizzying speed on the centre of the ice. A minute later I stepped through the inner glass doors of the rink.

    The soft scraping sound of steel on ice hung in the air for a moment, then stopped as he pointed a gun at me and fired.

    F***! How many figure skaters carry guns these days? I thought, hand already on the trigger as I ducked behind a row of lockers.

    The face was familiar – not instantly recognisable, but that’s what the postmortem was for, right?


    1. Bianca

      I love it, Ben. Krystle Ice, hehe. Now I have the O’Brien’s theme stuck in my head. Wait, did you research it or know the name? The ice rink opened after I left, or I would have been living there. Even with the idea of bullets shattering and ricocheting off ice.


      1. Bean

        Hihi, glad you enjoyed it B! ? There was actually a girl at my high school with that name 😛 She had a moment of horrorific realisation after her first day and asked our group, “Wait, are you guys the nerd group??” and receiving a unanimously affirmative response, promptly left to join her own kind lol^^

        I did a quick bit of googling and noticed the name had changed a few times, but since your original dream wasn’t specific about dates I thought it could still work 😛

        Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever explored that part of Melbourne before – it’s now on my list of places to visit next time 🙂 Ice skating is so fun and relaxing! We should go together sometime! 😀


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