I probably should be terrified

Tonight I had one of those clichéd movie moments. I was pondering Facebook strategies for Tap Dancing Spiders and Mass Consternation while driving down the freeway, and a sense of content came over me. I even shuddered slightly and smiled. It felt like everything I’ve been working towards for years is coming together.

I’m not sure if things are really coming together. My main employment contract ends tomorrow and while I have a few leads, nothing is confirmed. I need to move house by September. I know where I want to move, but it’s all contingent on a few things. The main one is a replacement contract. And changing the Tap Dancing Spiders Facebook strategy from public to a private community for small business owners and switching the Facebook focus to Mass Constitution, a dime-a-dozen blog? Crazy to reduce a freelancer’s promotion. But it feels like what I’m meant to do.

I probably should be terrified. There’s a lot to scare me but I’m not feeling it. We’ll see what happens next. Until then, all is well.

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Bianca Smith is often asked which of her homes she prefers: Melbourne or Seattle? She thinks both have their benefits, Melbourne for coffee and Seattle for poke. Both are bookish. However, she's in Melbourne reading away. Bianca is a digital marketer by day and reads mainly young adult and fantasy novels.

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