Can we please stop judging readers by the size of their library?

Oh my god, check out their bookcase! They must be such a great reader.

Have you ever searched #Shelfie on Instagram? Or have seen the memes on Facebook or Pinterest? It’s all jokes about spending rent money on books and complaints about running out of space for books. There’s even a newish trend of sharing photos of books turned spines-to-the-wall.

Can we please stop it?

I know, you’re proud of your book collection. It’s part of you. It’s your identity.

It’s actually just privilege and affluence.

And no, I won’t take that back.

How many books you own does not remotely describe how you are as a reader. What it does say is that you have the means and space for a large personal library. That’s all.

If you have a large personal library (and read them), then you’re a reader.

If you prefer ebooks, you’re a reader.

If you borrow books from the library or friends, you’re a reader.

Let’s enjoy stories and be readers together. That’s all.

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