Ask Me: Long Live Comic Sans

If you had to choose between using Internet Explorer forever or only being able to use Comic Sans forever, what would you choose?

This is probably the easiest question I have ever seen. Even easier than “Is Dumbledore dead? Explain” which I dreamt was the only question on my final marketing exam.

Which do I choose? Well, how long is forever? Internet Explorer has already been killed by Microsoft. And as much as we’ll be better off without it, Comic Sans is here to stay. So, Comic Sans, it is.

Who am I?

Widget-Bird speaks dog!

This was Rhianna, right? This could be embarrassing.

Yep, that’s embarrassing. It isn’t Rhi. I wrote the first two lines then texted her. I could look up the IP address but that’s breaking my own rule. You will stay anonymous, mystery person.

Will you still need me when we’re 64?

It depends. Do I need you now?

Will you still need me when we’re 64?

My answer hasn’t changed. Actually, will we be 64 at the same time? Send me the answer. I need to know.

Where did the use of Lego come in to play?

What’s your attraction to it? I’ve read it’s helpful in marketing to have a mascot to brand your work – is this part of your branding plan?

I’ve broken this down, just because it looks better on screen. Sorry.

If only my Lego photography was that strategic. I started collecting the minifigs as photography props to practice depth of field and perspective. Perspective photos are kind of boring without storytelling, so the photos evolved. Now, a $3.99 minifig is cheaper than hiring models and I get the same effect, but probably more fun.

Here’s the first photo I shot.


That’s it for all this Ask Me post. Feel free to ask me more questions, but I beg they are questions I can actually answer.

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