My Favorite Organization Tools

It’s been a while since I wrote about Operation: Organization. Probably because the actions have become habits. It’s definitely not perfect. For example, my time is currently blocked for a client website but I’m writing this. However, with some experimenting I’ve found some organization tools that help – I mean to save my butt.

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Panda Planner

This planner is my new best friend (sorry, Kathleen). It was also my first and you know what they say about your first. Except I have a confession. I cheated on my Panda Planner. When I finished my first one I found a pretty rose pink weekly planner. It swayed me with its suggestion of rewards for meeting weekly goals. Alas, the goal planning was for twenty years (!?!) and had no daily reflection. I’m back to the Panda Planner, but the full-sized weekly one this time.

See, it’s pretty. But not helpful.

They send out coupon codes to share and all purchases are via Amazon so you may get a further discount or free shipping. Code: PANDAFAM for 10% off.


I’m envious of people who can fit their to-do lists in their planner. I just juggle too much. ToDoist has a free limited service and a business one. The business is still rather affordable though. I love the recurring task settings are so simple and intuitive. I just type every Tuesday in the Date section and it’s set. Every 1st also works for monthly tasks, if they’re due on the first, of course. I’ve learned the hard way to ensure I add due dates. Eek, there are a few tasks that have slipped through the cracks.

Alas, there are no discounts for new users. However, the free plan is useful. It’s gamified and I completed enough tasks during my 30-day business trial to earn three months free.

Time Blocking

OK, so time blocking is a tactic, not an organization tool, but it uses tools. While I’ve been using rough time blocking for two months I still suck at it. Just last week I introduced washi tape to mark large blocks of client time. Alas, my planning here is failing because I keep being distracted. Darn. Pretty highlighters don’t focus my mind.

Overall, I feel more organized than in March and things are less likely to slip even if things get crazy. However, I’m far from perfect. Got any organization tools to suggest or tips for me?

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Organization Tools

  1. Bianca

    and I’m definitely not at the pretty decoration stage (but it’s tempting). It’s just not time efficient for me, so I definitely understand. I schedule coffee, planner and a couple of simple daily tasks for over breakfast. It’s been several iterations to try and make something that works and I’m sure this won’t be final.


  2. alexcanread

    I found that paper planners just don’t work for me anymore. They become another time suck and I have to keep remembering to check them. My google calendar has saved my life so many times because it’s literally always on me (my phone). I really admire the people that can have the time and discipline to use a weekly paper planner (they’re so PRETTY) but I just keep buying them and letting them sit empty.


  3. Bianca

    HabitBull looks excellent. I have some similar reminders set up in ToDoist but that doesn’t celebrate successes like HabitBull does.


  4. handel85

    Your Panda Planner looks super pretty!
    I’ve just started using the HabitBull which I’ve found works great for daily/ weekly goals and such 🙂


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