My Favorite Things

Yes, these are mainly affiliate links, but more importantly they are links to the companies that make my favorite things. If I don’t personally buy from these companies, they don’t make the list. Plus, while I may get a small bonus if you make a purchase, you score offers too. Bonus!

Out of Print

Out of Print make most of the t-shirts I wear, including the correctly colored Ravenclaw When in Doubt shirt. Sorry, that one was a limited edition, but you can get the gray version. And using this link gives you $5 off your first order.

Warby Parker

All three pairs of my glasses come from Warby Parker. It’s an amazing business model with stores and try at home. Personally, I love how affordable they are ($99 all inclusive), but they also have Buy One Give One so for each pair you buy, a pair is given to someone in need.

Grove Collaborative

I may or may not happen to be planning a move from Seattle. Finding Grove Collaborative means a subscription service for less nasty cleaning supplies, regardless of where I live. Sign up with this link to get $10 off your first delivery (I get $10 off mine too).

Panda Planner

This is the planner that features so much in Operation: Organization. I love the small Panda Planner because it fits in nearly any bag.

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