Yes, these are mainly affiliate links, but more importantly they are links to the companies that make my favorite things. If I don’t personally buy from these companies, they don’t make the list. Plus, while I may get a small bonus if you make a purchase, you score offers too. Bonus!

Out of Print

Out of Print make most of the t-shirts I wear, including the correctly colored Ravenclaw When in Doubt shirt. Sorry, that one was a limited edition, but you can get the gray version. And using this link gives you $5 off your first order.


I’m often asked about my phone case (and teased for having a pretty pink iPhone). I chose the phone color to match the case. And the case feels like the most vain thing I’ve ever done. It’s me on a case. Well, not really me, but me in spirit. Use this link for $10 off the prettiest case you’ve had. They have Apple watch bands and other cases too.

Warby Parker

All three pairs of my glasses come from Warby Parker. It’s an amazing business model with stores and try at home. Personally, I love how affordable they are ($99 all inclusive), but they also have Buy One Give One so for each pair you buy, a pair is given to someone in need.

Grove Collaborative

I may or may not happen to be planning a move from Seattle. Finding Grove Collaborative means a subscription service for less nasty cleaning supplies, regardless of where I live. Sign up with this link to get $10 off your first delivery (I get $10 off mine too).

Panda Planner

This is the planner that features so much in Operation: Organization. I love the small Panda Planner because it fits in nearly any bag.

What Powers This Site


I’ve used a few hosting companies over the years and just switched back to SiteGround. The speed is great and their service is much improved.

Social Warfare

No war, just awesome social sharing, especially Pinterest. Seriously, click the Pinterest share button on any post and you’ll see a big formatted image that’s not on the page. Social Warfare hides it in the backend so the page looks pretty.


OK, so Grammarly isn’t the perfect editor, but there isn’t one. This is the best and cheapest. Check out their free option. I use the paid, but the free one is equally useful.

Ultimate Book Blogger

This is the plugin that makes the book reviews page formatted beautifully. It also pulls in the details on each book review, and as a bonus (this plugin only costs $35), it also powers the Instagram feed widget. I’m not an affiliate yet; I just love the plugin.


Tailwind is why I now treat Pinterest as something valid. It took a lot of “get” Pinterest and I didn’t understand it until I started using Tailwind. I love their 400 pins free trial because I’m horrible with 30-day trials. Their paid account is great for scheduling pins, but the new free Tribes feature is magic. This link gives you (and me) a $15 credit; that’s a month free or a little more on an annual plan.