Yes, these are mainly affiliate links, but more importantly they are links to the companies that make my favourite things. If I don’t personally buy from these companies, they don’t make the list. Plus, while I may get a small bonus if you make a purchase, you score offers too. Bonus! Added bonus, it’s March 2021 and I’ve just refreshed this list to include newer discoveries in Australia. 

Good Pair Days


Yep, this marketer gets entranced by advertising, however Good Pair Days exceeded my expectations. It’s yummy wine (Australian and international), at excellent prices, delivered to your door, both in Australia and the UK. Use code JAM240896 or use the link to get a gift and maybe a bottle for free. I get the $15 bottles for everyday drinking. Well, not drinking every day, but you know what I mean.

The Conquerer Events

I’ve always loved virtual challenges to keep my fitness motivated and you get medals, without enduring crowds or super-early starts. The Conquerer Events has expedition length events, letting you travel the world, virtually. Use this link to save 10% on the already low rates and join me on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Warby Parker

It’s tempting to fly back to Seattle just for glasses from Warby Parker. It’s an amazing business model with stores and try at home. Personally, I love how affordable they are ($99 all inclusive), but they also have Buy One Give One so for each pair you buy, a pair is given to someone in need.


It’s a bit of a silly name, but it’s true: this software helps you To Do (ist). I love the reminders and easy language to set recurring tasks and due dates. ToDoist seriously powers my life. The Premium service even has location based reminders (get to work, have a reminder to check the server, even if you’re later than normal). Use this link for two months of Premium for free. I jump between free and Premium but the link also gives me two months for free.

What Powers This Site


I’ve used a few hosting companies over the years and adore WPMU Dev. They started off making premium WordPress plug-ins for subscribers and recently added well-priced managed hosting. Alas, there’s no bonus for signing up, just great hosting and software.


Grammarly used to be listed here but they aren’t that good with multiple English versions. I was impressed with ProWritingAid picking up a spelling error in Stephenie Mayer’s name. Hey, I skipped over Twilight so didn’t realise she uses a non-conventional spelling that most checks would overlook. Use this link for 20% off. There’s also a free version for shorter documents.

Ultimate Book Blogger

This is the plugin that makes the book reviews page formatted beautifully. It also pulls in the details on each book review, and as a bonus (this plugin only costs $35), it also powers the Instagram feed widget. I’m not an affiliate yet; I just love the plugin.