My Unanswered Questions from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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I hope you’ve read the Harry Potter series before reading this post. I’ve been told I’ve “ruined” people for pointing out the that magic doesn’t make someone smart (yes, I am a Ravenclaw, did you guess?). These questions came from a recent listening to all seven of the US edition Harry Potter audio books. I’ve read the books numerous times and read Pottermore and many of JK Rowling’s interviews, but haven’t found answers to these questions. Interestingly, but it kind of makes sense, there are fewer unanswered questions in the latter books. Here are mine from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

If you have more unanswered questions, please add them on the comments. There are links to questions for the other books in the series below too.

Who picked up the bill for all Harry’s extras?

The Nimbus 2000? Prof McGonagall ordered it but did she pay for it too? What about when Fudge told Harry to stay at the Leaky Cauldron for two weeks? That’s expensive, and Harry was only 13. Rich and 13, but still 13.

Did Dumbledore make the Christmas crackers?

Did he intentionally give Snape a bird on a hat in his cracker? Dumbledore is the ultimate troll.

How did the twins not see that Peter Pettigrew was living in their brothers’ beds?

Wormtail spent 12 years with the Weasley’s. First with Percy, and then with Ron. Not only did they not notice the name of a dead person in their common room on the Marauders’ Map, but they also didn’t notice some random guy hanging out in their little brother’s bed.

How did Hermione not know how to repel dementors?

This is the girl who looked up the animagi registry. How was it she didn’t research dementors when it was announced they’d be guarding Hogwarts? It explains why she was in Gryffindor.

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3 thoughts on “My Unanswered Questions from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. Entertainingly Nerdy

    I have always been curious about the Peter Pettigrew thing, but I always assumed that the twins may have thought it was a glitch. At least I hope that was the case anyways!


  2. Caz

    On Harry’s Extras – I thought it was understood that the Ministry of Magic put Harry up in the Leaky Cauldron, partially to keep an eye on him as they were worried about his safety.
    On the broom – I figured it was ordered for and paid by McGonagall (why would she order it and make Harry pay? That’s weird!) 🙂

    On the twins/ Harry not noticing Pettigrews name, only Lupin saw it on the map. That would make sense, as the Marauders, being illegal animagi, would probably not have wanted anyone to be able to see them on the map in their animagus forms, it’d give the game away. So they probably have a charm on the map in case it fell into the wrong hands, allowing only the people who know about their ability to view them in that form – as the Weasleys and Harry had no idea of Peters true form, they wouldn’t have seen his name in the map.

    Harry got extra lessons directly from Lupin in order to learn how to repel dementors – and he was noted as being extremely talented in Defefence Against the Dark Arts, far ahead of those in his class. Hermione, given a chance, would probably have learned quickly too – but She wasn’t getting that advantage of 1:1 tutoring in spells far beyond what their level was. I think in the book it mentions that it’s a spell learned only at NEWT level (equivalent to A-levels /leaving certificate or end of High school) rather than OWL. (O levels / junior cert/ Middle school ) but I can’t remember for certain. Time for another reread!


    1. Bianca

      Harry’s extras: I first thought the same for the accommodation. For the broom, I’m not saying you’re wrong but that’s an expensive broom and unless teachers in the wizarding world get paid much more than in the Muggle world, that’s weird. I’m up for all the ideas at the moment and accept we’ll probably never get an answer.

      For the map, that’s a really clever idea.

      My biggest sticking point with all the Hermione ideas is that she was curious and more proactive than these responses give her credit for. She did extra research to discover who was a registered animagi before they were taught, and dementors guarding the castle is a bigger thing (and a bigger danger) than who is an animagi. Or am I expecting too much of her?


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