A Sunset Picnic at Lighthouse Park

There are affiliate links in this and most of my posts. If you make a purchase I receive a small commission to offset some site costs. On Tuesday my friend, Carine, had a perfect idea: let’s have a picnic at Lighthouse Park. We packed sandwiches and summer fruits. I grabbed my camera bag and we... Continue Reading →

Ask Me: Where is Home?

I wrote this post before the last one about moving house, and my Letter to the Senate about healthcare. All I can say is that citizenship and domicile are difficult and confusing. July is a month of national celebrations Canada Day on the first. Independence Day for the United States on the fourth. Bastille Day... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Seattle. It’s been swell.

After I hit publish on this post, I’m jumping in my car and leaving Seattle. It’s also pretty much the anniversary of me moving to Seattle. Seven years ago I stepped on a train in San Francisco with two suitcases and a huge backpack. After a weekend in Vancouver I was ready for a Seattle... Continue Reading →

An open letter to United States Senators

Dear United States Senators, Hi. My name is Bianca Smith. I became a United States citizen on November 14 last year. Thank you, you’re welcome. The ceremony was beautiful; I cried. My American flag sits on my desk. The ceremony was the end of an eight-year journey. I’ve written about it here. Warning: it’s long... Continue Reading →

How We Can Help Refugees… Today

Yesterday I listened to this Ted Talk by David Miliband. David talks about how the crisis with the refugees is a test of character for all us. Previously we (society) have embraced, welcomed and sheltered refugees. This time we have the US President building walls, the Australian government towing refugees to open water or placing... Continue Reading →

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Working freelance (often from home) and doing so much busy makes it really easy to stay in my nice, warm, cuddly comfort zone. There’s always so much writing and reading and coffee drinking that could be done, why venture out? Well, it’s time to break that and discover new. I’m counting it as part of... Continue Reading →

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