A Photo Walk Through North Vancouver’s Park and Tilford Gardens

I love the random, little gardens in unexpected places. The Park and Tilford Gardens in North Vancouver are just that. Perfect for a photo walk. These photos are actually over two photo walks. The first was last weekend but I met a friend for coffee next door first and we spent so long there was little light left for photos. So I had to make that tough sacrifice to re-enter the garden and take more photos. Oh, so hard. Technically my justification was to test out a new lens. Kathleen is selling her camera and I’m considering a 17-50-ish mm lens so it was a great chance to play and test before it’s sold (anyone want a Nikon DSLR? Message me).

The gardens are small (1.5 acres) and off the side of a shopping area. I had been to the supermarket and cinema a few times but never really sat and enjoyed the flowers. Others do make more use of it. Yesterday they were chatting and relaxing, and children running across the bridge in the Japanese Garden. I was curious about the busts through the gardens. They’re of famous botanists.

At Christmas the Park and Tilford Gardens are decorated with gorgeous lights, so I’ll have to go back then.

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One thought on “A Photo Walk Through North Vancouver’s Park and Tilford Gardens

  1. abbeycoseattle

    We have family in Vancouver and do not visit them far enough. I will add this to my list of things to check out next time we are there!


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