Photography challenge: composition


Another week, another photography challenge. This time it’s a focus on composition.

The challenge assignment is pretty simple: take three photos. All should use the same subject, but use a different composition technique in each.

The composition techniques I could choose from are:

  • the rule of thirds (pretty easy, but personally can limit creativity because pretty much most photos fit this)
  • negative space (lots of fun)
  • leading lines (another previous favourite, including using lines to frame the subject)
  • symmetry (pretty easy and not a go-to for me)
  • the golden ratio (easier to understand when you see examples).

Octy generously volunteered to model again. Well, volunteered as much as a plush octopus can. (Thanks, Octy). Here are my submissions. Octy’s eyes align in his portrait applying the rule of thirds. Lil Octy joins him to display symmetry. Then Octy got wet arms sitting on the rainy footpath in negative space.

I’ve also changed things up this time. Instead of showing the mess ups, I’ve added photos from previous shoots that use these techniques. You may have seen some before, especially if you follow my Instagram page.

The rule of thirds

A blue plush octopus gazing fondly into the distance. It's smiling.


Two blue toy octopuses, with the smaller octopus in the front.

Negative space

From the top looking down at a blue plush octopus on a dark and wet concrete path.

A composition collection

Other photography challenges

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