Photography challenge: focus


I’m both enjoying and cursing the back-to-basics photography challenges. It’s good to be more conscious of the theory behind photography and concentrate on particular parts. However, it’s pushing me from my typical (oh, shush that was the point of this) and it’s tempting me to set up a studio for product and toy shots.

But this week’s challenge. The lesson was on focus and depth of field. Depth of field is one of my favourite things to play with; having some areas in sharp focus while blurring the rest into the background. Then using bokeh on lights just adds to the fun. Unfortunately, the assignment is to take a photo of a moving subject. I used panning.

My submissions

A focus collection

This lesson covered more than just sharp focus, it included bokeh and low light focusing. So, I’ve added more to the gallery. You may have seen some of these photos previously.

Other photography challenges

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