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Producing babies at The FarmThe Farm by Joanne Ramos
Published by Random House on May 7, 2019
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley
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Nestled in the Hudson Valley is a sumptuous retreat boasting every amenity: organic meals, private fitness trainers, daily massages—and all of it for free. In fact, you get paid big money—more than you’ve ever dreamed of—to spend a few seasons in this luxurious locale. The catch? For nine months, you belong to the Farm. You cannot leave the grounds; your every move is monitored. Your former life will seem a world away as you dedicate yourself to the all-consuming task of producing the perfect baby for your überwealthy clients.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos is exactly that. Women are chosen for their health and child-bearing abilities. They are impregnated and looked after to ensure they produce healthy babies for rich clients. We outsource everything else, and surrogacy is legal in many parts of the world. The Farm just commercializes childbirth.

I admit my review here is going to be sparse. I love the concept of the novel (and the idea of high-end surrogacy). And, I enjoyed most of the book, but today I can’t work out my thoughts on it. Disclaimer: I just submitted a difficult to write an assessment for grad school, so I admit my head’s not in book review writing at the moment. I think that’s influencing my thoughts on The Farm. Actually, it was probably more the ending of the novel. With such an original premise I was expecting an original ending. Alas, it was commercially acceptable. From the buzz I’m seeing both in the US and in Australia, it was the right decision, even though I’d like a book every now and again that doesn’t have a happy ever after.

Mainstream fiction readers will love The Farm. It is a romantic story (without romance), a touch of mystery, a little corruption, and it all ends well. It has just been released and will probably be made into a movie. Hopefully without the epilogue.


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The Farm by Joanne Ramos is a story of women trying to make their way in life. By commercializing childbirth.  #Books #Fiction #BookReviews #MassConsternation #TheFarm #JoanneRamos

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