That random time when people asked me lots of questions

Thanks to all who submitted lots of questions for this Ask Me post. Did you notice the new submission form? The other was too slow. An unexpected perk is that it’s now 100% anonymous. I know I said these are anonymous but it did give the submission IP address, and it was really tempting to sometimes trace the questions. Don’t worry, I never did. There were a few lucky guesses. Should I have admitted this? I wonder if it will change the tone of the questions? If you have any questions for next month, ask away.

Fav / least hated sport to watch / play?

Are we defining this as competitive sports? I actually pretend they don’t exist. I don’t understand the need for one person or team to be better than another. Or for the fans to take such ownership and link it to their identity. The fans aren’t doing anything, but they’ll claim success as their own.

So that’s why I ignore competitive sports. I can’t see how it can enhance my life, and my annoyances are unhelpful negatives. For fitness, I do miss running, but there are many many things I’d prefer doing than watching someone else run.

Update: I just noticed “least hated.” HAHAHA.

Something you miss about the 90s? (If anything)

Rugrats!! *checks Amazon Prime Video* Darn, it’s not currently streaming. Actually, that’s probably good. I’m really close to finishing the Tap Dancing Spiders relaunch and don’t need the adorable Chuckie deciding between M&Ms and trouble to distract me.

I have all my favorite people from the 90s in my life now. And to be honest, I wasn’t the best person in the 90s, and some of my choices then disappoint me now (see above, sports). Meh, I was young and still “cooking.”

3 things you couldn’t live without right now?

Looking towards White Rock, Canada.

Internet and mobile devices. (Is that one idea or two things?) I’m writing this at a picnic table at a marina. The Canadian border crossing is to my right and the Semiahmoo resort to the left. Both across water. It’s gorgeous. I couldn’t be here and productive without the internet and devices. I’m concurrently streaming an Aretha Franklin playlist and playing Pokémon Go.

Umm, others? I guess food, water, air, and my favorite people don’t count? I’ve been reading a fair bit about minimalist culture and realizing there are many things I own but don’t need.

Are there any modern hairstyles you find abhorrent?

Is there background to this question? It feels like there’s a leading subtext.

Or was it to make me admit I don’t know any modern hairstyles? If you’re trying to get me to say non-natural hair colors are out of control, I won’t. By the way, my hair is currently a very dark purple.

What’s the most spur-of-the-moment thing you’ve done recently?

This time last week I swore a nasty word and jumped across the room—twice! Seriously, only an arachnophobic person will have TWO spider situations in two different locations in ONE morning. Anyone want to clean out my vacuum cleaner? There may be a big spider in there.

What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?

American Sherlock. I really should call it Elementary, but I don’t. I don’t know if it’s on Netflix, I have a few streaming alternatives, including Amazon Prime Video. The header image is Sherlock’s actual lock practice board from the show. It was part of a Sherlock exhibition I was lucky to attend. If you do have Amazon Prime, check out their remake of the Picnic at Hanging Rock. The story drags a tad when it gets a bit too mystical, but the cinematography is beautiful.

If you were a Hogwarts professor, what subject would you teach?

I’d like to say arithmancy or something nerdy, but chances are it would be Muggle Studies.

Do you notice a huge shift in internet speeds when travelling between Australia and the US? I’ve only experienced crappy hotel wifi in the latter so can’t really compare.

And I can attest hotel Wifi is definitely crappy. Public, free internet when I was last in Australia was unusable, so maybe it’s not that different. It’s too long since I was in Australia to make a true assessment, and too much technology has developed. I know it was definitely liberating to lose the download limits from Australia. Come visit, and we’ll test the difference?

What’s something you would change about the world if you could?

Can I make everyone realize they all want the same thing, just see different ways of achieving it? Happiness, success, health. Or maybe I want everyone to understand that building up one person enhances both people. Success isn’t finite. We can share.

If you came into possession of a house elf, which chores / daily tasks would you most like to delegate?

I have to choose? Can’t I delegate it all?

MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-TrailWhen’s the last time you burst out laughing in public?

Gnomes taste like bacon. Seeing this sign in a gnome village during a walk to the beach was unexpected.


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2 thoughts on “That random time when people asked me lots of questions

  1. Ben

    Loved these responses!
    Thanks for helping me choose a playlist for Sunday morning chores^^ Aretha Franklin, what a legend! ?
    Have been curious to see the new adaptation of PAHR, will have to investigate streaming options here 🙂


    1. Bianca

      I didn’t know much about Aretha until she died, but that woman was amazing. RESPECT wasn’t just a song, it was her life essence for all people.


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