The Delightful Things I Discovered in Seabrook

If you saw my Instagram feed you know that last week I hit the road to Seabrook for a few days. I got to explore the town in between meetings and found some absolutely delightful things. Seabrook is a gorgeous oasis town on the Washington coast. Entering the town is a little surreal (thus my oasis comment). You go from miles of forest and farms to a full town with restaurants and shops, and all of it is fairy tale cute. It’s designed to be part resort, part residential and all intentionally built. So it’s very walkable and photogenic. And on the beach.

Seabrook’s Delightful Things

Cute Cottage Names

Every house in Seabrook is known by the name chosen by its owner. Some are a little cheesy, there are a few puns, most are just adorable.MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-1

Grafitti in the Stump

MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-3An old and enormous tree was turned into a kind of play house for children (and adults can fit too, just). It marks the start of the Gnome Trail (more on that in a moment). I don’t know if it’s an everyday thing but when I went in (sans children, of course I went in) there was chalk “graffiti” on the walls. And it was so loving and cute. The writing was also possibly a tad too tidy for a child, but shh, let’s keep the magic of innocent children. MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-5 MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-4 OK, so the second is a little random.

MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-6The Gnome Trail

As mentioned, the tree stump is the start of the Gnome Trail. It’s the walk to the beach and guests (and residents) build little houses for the gnomes. Of coarsest eh gnomes don’t want more plastic in the world, so there are construction rules. Some of the houses are so basic they are barely houses. Or there’s gnome magic hiding them from human eyes. Some are more ornate. I did burst out laughing at the one with the sign saying gnomes taste like bacon. You’re safe around me, little gnomes. I don’t like American bacon.

The Ocean Beach

MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Gnome-Trail-26I didn’t realize I missed an open ocean beach with real sand. It was a foggy and cool evening and I definitely needed shoes for the Gnome Trail but the moment I hit the beach my shoes were off. The beaches near my apartment are rocky with stones and driftwood and you’re likely to twist an ankle. It MC-Travel-Seabrook-Adorable-Things-Beachfelt delightful to wiggle my toes in the sand. The other part was hearing the waves crashing on the shore. These aren’t things I ever thought I would miss, but I must have. Now I just need to plan a return trip.  

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Bianca's a nerdy, book worm who is constantly curious and appreciates being alive while the internet exists. During the day, she's a content writer for a huge multinational tech company. The rest of the time she's reading, and running, and bike riding, and sipping coffee, and taking photos around Melbourne, Australia.

2 thoughts on “The Delightful Things I Discovered in Seabrook

  1. Brian

    Hi Bianca- I was just lookign for pics of this trail to share with a co-worker and stumbled upon my creation on your page. It’s me, the funny bacon guy! I’m honestly creeped out by that trail, thus my humor, but my kids wanted to build so I joined in!


    Brian Ludwig


    1. Bianca

      I’m glad you twisted it for fun then. There was a standard field trip we did in Australia for school and the older kids built fairy houses like these for the smaller kids, so it wasn’t creepy for me.


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