The Little Pig and the Toadstool

Thank you to the people who submitted Ask Me questions. One, in particular, jumped out at me: a writing prompt! I Ravenclawed the word count, but the result is better for it. I started reading it to a friend, and she jumped in with bacon, so read the second version after the main story.

Does this form support emoticons and can you make up a story in one to two sentences from the following prompts:

Introducing the Little Pig and the Toadstool

One day a little pig was walking through the forest, and they saw a toadstool. “Ooh, I’m hungry. I’ll just eat some of that toadstool. But only a little so it can grow back, like a sea star. I’m nice that way”, the little pig said, congratulating themselves. The little pig scooped out a white dot from the toadstool and ate it. After a short time, after the trees had been waving their branches to say hello, and the bunnies and foxes were kneeling down in respect for the pig (or so the pig thought), a bolt of lightning came from the sky. “Oh, no! Voldemort is here. He’ll Avada Kedavra me.” As the little pig had only watched the Harry Potter movies and didn’t read the books, he didn’t know the killing curse is green, and this lightning bolt was yellow. The little pig was terrified ran and ran through the forest.

After several miles the little pig became tired, and he was no longer in the forest. He looked around and saw that there were lots of buildings. He was on a university campus, a long way from home. The little pig became sad. He’d never see his friends, warthog, and coyote again.

The little pig quickly realized he needed to make a new life. So he became a student and worked hard to become a star pupil. He studied bugs and insects and realized he should have been friends with the ladybugs when he lived in the forest. But that was in a past life; he was a city pig now. To fit in with the other students, he bought a dog. But dogs in the city are different than the ones in the forest. City dogs don’t talk, and they eat little pigs for breakfast—it’s called bacon. To feel better, he decided to read the Harry Potter books. The little pig discovered the movies are just Hollywood trash, but made in England. He also learned the Avada Kedavra curse is green and that wasn’t Voldemort attacking him in the forest. It was safe to go home. So he skipped, danced, sang, and wove his way through the trees back to his little house in the forest, where he never ate toadstools again.

And the second story

There once was a little pig running around the toadstools in the forest. All of a sudden a bolt of lightning came down from the sky. Later that day a little girl was skipping through the forest and found a side of bacon on the path. And Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma never went hungry again.

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