The Seattle Bucket List


Kathleen and I had a bucket list of things to do when we left Melbourne. It was a rather eclectic list. We ate meatballs at IKEA because Kathleen had never done it. We also toured the Apple stores in Melbourne and Sydney. That wasn’t an easy feat on public transport. I think visiting the Ben and Jerry’s store in Sydney was also a bucket list item, but that was more the cover story for my immigration interview with the US consulate general.

There are about 10 weeks until I leave Seattle (eek!) and a friend suggested doing a bucket list again. We immediately started brainstorming ideas, and setting rules. There are really only two rules: the activities must be free or low cost (contact me if you want to sponsor us to do something), and there’s no committee deciding. The latter was more to ensure we actually visited places instead of trying to find a time all my friends were available and we end up missing out. A sub-rule of this is that I’m the only person who must take part. It is MY bucket list.

Being tech nerds, we made a Google form and shared it with our friends. They added a few more activities.

Here’s the list thus far. It’s the brainstorm by committee list, so some things won’t happen. Bee (the idea originator) and I were walking by one of my favorite happy hour places last night and I said I wanted it on the list, so we walked straight in. That’s our first one done. Next Saturday we’re taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island to complete another item. Update: I skipped the Bainbridge Island trip to visit the Lake View Cemetery. Yes, I blogged about it.

The Bucket List

MC-Seattle-Bucket-List-Amazon-Spheres-Mass-Consternation-1Fremont Troll, Rapunzel, and the Waiting for the Interurban statues
Seattle Art Museum
Kerry Park
Pike Place Market
Great Wheel – then ride the Southern Cross Wheel in Melbourne
Seattle Waterfront
Serafina Restaurant
Ferry to Bainbridge
Lake View Cemetery  (view post)
U Village Apple Store – it’s the new design and not my suggestion.
Amazon Go store
Amazon Spheres tour (view post)
Henry Art Gallery
Hogwarts at UW – we couldn’t remember it’s called the Suzzallo Library, but it looks like Hogwarts
Ballard Locks
Discovery Park / Green Lake
KEXP La Marzocco Cafe
Theo’s Chocolate Tour
Space Needle (view post)
Smith Tower
North Bend / Snoqualmie Falls
Walla Walla wine tasting weekend
Palomino Restaurant Happy Hour
Gingerbread Houses at the Sheraton Hotel (view post)
The We Are All Made of Light Exhibition


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4 thoughts on “The Seattle Bucket List

  1. Marissa

    I love this list! I’ve lived here for 20 years and still haven’t been everywhere you listed.


  2. Kate

    I still haven’t been to the Spheres!!!


  3. Bean

    The We Are All Made of Light Exhibition looks amazing! Did you manage to see it before it closed? 😊


    1. Bianca

      Alas, I didn’t. I agree it looked amazing. It was just too busy a week and I was too sleepy in the evenings.


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