Touring Bellingham for Independent Bookstore Day

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*Happy Dance* It’s Independent Bookstore Day! But it’s also Saturday, and I don’t do bookish posts on Saturdays. But, Independent Bookstore Day. Meh. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed my posting schedule anyway.

Let’s celebrate independent bookstores. Those delightful places where you can browse new and old stories, get amazing recommendations, sit and read, meet authors, discuss books, and more. The place where you can travel worlds, and meet new people, and have adventures, all without stepping out the door. If you haven’t guessed, I adore independent bookstores. They are the kind I mentioned recently where I do to relax. I am willing to admit I adore Amazon too, but they are different. Amazon saves you money; independent bookstores give you an experience.

Gumball poetry

This year I only made it to the two Village Books stores, and they were celebrating Independent Bookstore Day rather low-key compared to the Seattle celebrations. To be fair, Seattle has the most independent bookstores per capita in the United States and all 19 join for one huge celebration.

I started in Lynden. There was a celebration tray of yummy chocolate truffles, a Poet Tree, and giveaways. The Fairhaven store in Bellingham was busier with authors working in the windows, more sweets, and a gumball machine dispensing poetry. Each store held an author discussion, but that was later in the day, so I skipped those. I did pick up Miss Six’s birthday gift in Fairhaven. They have more princess chapter books.

A terrible photo of an author in a window.

It was amazing seeing all the people and families reading, and browsing, and discussing. I was amused to hear one man ask whom I assume is his daughter if she was ready to leave yet. “I am never ready to leave, but if we have to go.”

Thank you to all the booksellers who organized Independent Bookstore Day events, and the publishers and companies who supported it.

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Coffee and BestSelf journal planning for Independent Bookstore Day.

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