Wise Guy: wisdom and learnings from Guy Kawasaki

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Wise Guy: wisdom and learnings from Guy KawasakiWise Guy: Lessons from a Life by Guy Kawasaki
Published by Portfolio on February 26, 2019
Genres: Biography
Pages: 272
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley
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Silicon Valley icon and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki shares the unlikely stories of his life and the lessons we can draw from them.
Guy Kawasaki has been a fixture in the tech world since he was part of Apple's original Macintosh team in the 1980s. He's widely respected as a source of wisdom about entrepreneurship, venture capital, marketing, and business evangelism, which he's shared in bestselling books such as The Art of the Start and Enchantment. But before all that, he was just a middle-class kid in Hawaii, a grandson of Japanese immigrants, who loved football and got a C+ in 9th grade English.
Wise Guy, his most personal book, is about his surprising journey. It's not a traditional memoir but a series of vignettes. He toyed with calling it Miso Soup for the Soul, because these stories (like those in the Chicken Soup series) reflect a wide range of experiences that have enlightened and inspired him.
For instance, you'll follow Guy as he . . .
* Gets his first real job in the jewelry business--which turned out to be surprisingly useful training for the tech world.
* Disparages one of Apple's potential partners in front of that company's CEO, at the sneaky instigation of Steve Jobs.
* Blows up his Apple career with a single sentence, after Jobs withholds a pre-release copy of the Think Different ad campaign: "That's okay, Steve, I don't trust you either."
* Reevaluates his self-importance after being mistaken for Jackie Chan by four young women.
* Takes up surfing at age 62--which teaches him that you can discover a new passion at any age, but younger is easier!
Guy covers everything from moral values to business skills to parenting. As he writes, "I hope my stories help you live a more joyous, productive, and meaningful life. If Wise Guy succeeds at this, then that's the best story of all."

Did you read Guy’ Kawasaki’s The Macintosh Way? It’s his first memoir written just after he left Apple. It’s filled with confidence and arrogance that’s kind of amusing. In my review on Tap Dancing Spiders I even commented on the tech bro dating advice. This latest book, Wise Guy, has the same confident arrogance. I’ve realized it wasn’t the result of Guy’s time at Apple. It’s just Guy. Confident arrogance isn’t bad. Guy is an excellent marketer, and his confidence encourages and inspires me. We just define humble and humility differently.

If you’re a fan of Guy’s marketing and social media books, you should be warned that Wise Guy is his latest memoirs. By his own declaration is an odd bod collection of the wisdom he’s gained through his life and career. He drops lots of names from his experiences. It would be impossible not to when he’s worked in such high profile roles. While the book starts with him in school, it’s not a linear story. I read an early ARC and I assume it was tidied with editing to make it easier to understand and follow.

While I appreciate the anecdotes in Wise Guy, I do prefer his marketing books. If you’re a fan of Guy, I recommend you read Wise Guy.


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In Wise Guy, Guy Kawasaki shared the wisdom he gained through working with Apple, choosing college, learning from his kids, and surfing.

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